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Thursday, 18 Jul 2024

Apply to an Academic Institution with Universities.CZ and Benefit

We assist you and advise you in the process of choosing the best study program suitable for you. We help you apply for a study program of Czech academic institution.

Why applying with us and not directly to a Czech university?

We would like to explain you why applying with us for a study program at the Czech university is beneficial for you.

The reason is simple, you don’t pay any extra costs but only obtain extra benefits.

Benefits that you will receive when applying with us:

  • Get the most updated information about education in the Czech Republic and the study programs of the most prestigious Czech universities
  • Get help in choosing a study program that will suite your needs. Our staff memebers will prepare various options for you to choose from, explain the differences and benefits.
  • Get help in preparing your application documents, so that you have a better chance to succeed. We will help you in writing your motivational letter, CV, prepare for an interview with the academic institution.
  • Get our „Welcome Programme“ for some programmes


Benefits of joining universities.cz:

  • Get the most updated information about study programs in the Czech Republic
  • Apply for a study program of your choice with our professional help
  • Request help in choosing a program from our staff
  • Share your experience

Your Steps for Your Study Success

Step 1 - is to APPLY to Universties.CZ and request help.

Step 2 - Universties.CZ based on your request will help you find and choose a suitable study program in the Czech Republic.

Step 3 is to apply to the study program of your choice with us.
We process and submit your application to the relevant study program. We can also put together the list of papers necessary for the admission to the university and organise the translation of the papers if needed (extra charge applies).

Step 4 – is to apply for your Study Visa to the Czech republic.

We will consult you how to apply for your student visa and what is needed.

Step 5 - is to organise your trip to the Czech Republic.
We help you organise your trip to the Czech Republic starting from the flight and student visa ending to accommodation arrangements.

Step 6 - is to make your you life cheaper in the Czech Republic.
Get useful students discounts with Universities.CZ

The most important step!

Step 7 - Enjoy your studies and life in the Czech Republic

Note: please note that this offer applies for the study programs of the public Czech universities with instructions in English, the private Czech universities, language schools and foundation programs of any Czech university. This offer does not apply for the  public Czech universities with the instructions in Czech language.