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Sunday, 14 Jul 2024
Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

The history of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague was established in 1799. Now, the Academy functions as a state university as of January 1, 1999. As a prestigious and elite school, being also the youngest school of higher education in the Czech Republic, it provides the necessary conditions to foster creative growth among young individuals of exceptional talent. Along with art instruction carried out, the Academy simultaneously develops theoretical reflection on artistic creation through contact with contemporary trends. It seeks to encompass the whole spectrum of today’s art activities, and enable its students to look for themselves within the open structure of the school and among the various studios, disciplines and personalities. The Academy of Fine Arts fosters an open, plural and flexible inner structure based on the principles of independence and freedom of creativity stated in the self-government of the Academic Community.

Study Programs

  • Master's Degree - Fulltime Program
    • Core Study Program: Fine Arts
      • Field of Study: Painting
      • Field of Study: Drawing and Printmaking
      • Field of Study: Sculpture
      • Field of Study: Intermedia Studies
      • Field of Study: of New Media
      • Field of Study: Restoration of Artworks
      • Field of Study: Architecture
  • Postgraduate Program - Part-time
    • Core Study program: Fine Arts
      • Fields of study: Fine Arts
      • Fields of study: Restoration
      • Fields of study: Architecture

Study Language

  • Czech

The Academy of Fine Art in Prague is not accredited to provide instruction in English. International applicants who wish to study at the Academy have to meet the criteria for admission as Czech citizens.