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Masaryk University

Masaryk University (19)

Founded in 1919 as the second university in the Czech Republic, Masaryk University today is one of the fastest developing universities in Central Europe, with more than 43 000 students studying in nine faculties including over 800 fields of study. Masaryk University links high requirements for original research with systematic efforts to create the conditions for quality university education, corresponding with the demands placed on the qualifications by the employment market in a modern society. The introduction of the three-year Bachelor's and two-year Master's degree model, as well as of a university-wide credit system based on the principles of the European Credit Transfer System has ensured greater flexibility and helped foster the internationalization of curricula. Masaryk University was the first university in the Czech Republic to accept applications electronically. Within its 90 years of existence, the university has been the alma mater of 125,000 alumni.

The EUNIS Elite Award winning information system of Masaryk University smoothes the administration of studies, and facilitates the learning processes. To its students and employees, the university can offer superb facilities from research laboratories, modern libraries, computer rooms and specialized centres. Students can find accommodation in 9 dormitories located in quiet areas of the city.

Several faculties of Masaryk University offer English-taught degree programs at all levels of study, and a range of courses is offered in German, French and other languages. International students form a substantial part of the student population and a very active International Student ClubThe International Student Club organizes activities and excursions to help them to quickly feel at home in the student-friendly city of Brno.

Masaryk University in Brno


University Institutes

  • The Institute of Computer Science (the ICS) - conducts research and development activities in the field of information technologies with a long-term focus on research in digital libraries, healthware, large scale distributed systems and high quality multimedia processing.
  • The Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC) - it was created within the framework of the CEITEC project by leading Brno universities and two research institutes. Core facilities become an interconnecting element among various research disciplines, in effect creating a perfect base for addressing interdisciplinary questions in the following fields: nanotechnology, microtechnology, structural biology, genomics and proteomics, advanced materials and biomedicine.

Other Departments

  • University Archives - the main aim of the MU archive is the overall care of the archival documents which were created to record the activities of MU.
  • Language Centre - the Language Centre is a pedagogical and research institution with public activities. LC arranges teaching foreign languages of non-philological fields of study at all MU faculties.
  • Mendel Museum- it aims to promote the legacy of Augustinian abbot G. J. Mendel, who is known primarily for his studies conducted on plants, and in particular peas. Abbot Mendel has become an immortal icon of modern biology owing to his persistence, diligence, and analytical approach to the heredity of peas and other plants.
  • Support Centre for Students with Special Needs - its aim is to provide the greatest possible access for students with disabilities, whether sensory, physical or mental, to be able study at MU.
  • Office for International Studies - the role of the Office for International Studies is to provide methodical support and give information and advice in a wide variety of fields. It coordinates MU activities in the area of international cooperation and oversees the university’s international links as a whole.
  • The Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses (“IBA” onwards) - the centre is a MU organization. It arranges orders for gaining technologies and for other activities in the field of research and development.
  • Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses - is a joint academic workplace of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Science. It serves as a research and scientific workplace and its function is to provide particular services, relating to the research activities, in the field of data analyses, modelling, application of information technologies, and registration and assessment of clinical data. IBA is an independent economic center of MU.

Purpose Departments

  • Accommodation and Catering Services- is a special-purpose institution with public activities. ACS offers accommodation and catering services to MU students.
  • University Press- is one of the most productive publishers of scientific and popular educational literature in Czech Republic.
  • University Centre Telč - presents Masaryk University faculties’ study and learning opportunities in the region, offering degree and learning programmes within lifelong learning and thereby answering the learning demand of the region by hosting seminars, conferences or summer study courses.
  • The University Campus at Bohunice

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