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Thursday, 18 Jul 2024

Medical Faculty in the Modern Сampus Buhonice (Masarik University)

With the feeling of approaching spring, universities.cz team decided to give a visit to our partnering university, Masaryk University (MU).  We woke up very early in the morning, took a Student agency bus from Prague to Brno, and arrived to MU in a good mood. MU is the second largest university of the Czech Republic. It has nine faculties: pedagogical, legal, sports scientists, social sciences, economics, medicine, computer science, natural sciences, philosophy.

This time we wanted to visit a new Campus Bohunice, the most expensive and the largest campus in whole Central Europe. It provides 5,000 students and 1,000 academic and research employees with a superior study and work environment. We were impressed to see a modern unique complex for studies at three faculties: the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Sports Studies.

The campus comprises a versatile base for a wide range of students activities: students are welcome to use the modern library and computer room, the heart of the entire university complex. Planned development in the immediate vicinity of the new campus includes accommodation facilities for MU students and employees, catering and business enterprises and facilities for sports and socialising. Students and academic employee catering is provided by an academic restaurant inside the new shopping center complex. A cafe located on the Kamenice footbridge has already become famous for its incomparable view of nearly the entire campus area. All campus interiors are suitable for students with special needs, a large number of whom are enrolled at MU. All buildings and routes are wheelchair accessible and three separate navigation elements – leading lines, audio and tactile navigation – are implemented in order to help students with impaired vision.

The MU Campus Library (MUCL) is an information center serving MU students, teachers and science and research workers studying and working on campus. It offer a wide range of library and information services, focusing primarily on medical, biological, biochemical, chemical and sports-related topics and sciences. The library lies at the very heart of the university campus. It contains over 100 thousands volumes: apart from a wide array of contemporary books and journals, the library also stores a collection of documents issued prior to 1860.

For medical students there is an opportunity for practical training at the new and old Bohunice Hospital, which is located right next to the campus. We had a chance to see classrooms with advanced audio-visual technology, a number of modern computer classes, histological microscope laboratory. A component part of department is the Museum of Anatom.

Sports faculty of Masaryk University is the youngest faculty. Students are provided with facilities such as a ball game gym, combatives gym, gymnastics hall, multifunctional gymnasium, fitness centre andd various lecture halls.

Faculty of Sciences with its majors in biochemistry, biologycal, and chemicalunits has also moved to the new campus. The Faculty Markedly research-oriented, campus laboriousness have already aided scientists in discovering e.g. a new way of regulating plant biomass production.

Masaryk University is the main partner of the scientific center CEITEC. This project was sponsored by the European Union, in partnership with major universities in Brno. CEITEC is engaged in both Life Sciences , nanotechnology and advanced materials. With these modern developments CEITEC can create new drugs, antibacterial coatings wall surfaces, self-cleaning surfaces for buildings, gels connects bones in the human body.

This year scientists of the CEITEC Research Center together with medical students of MU developed and later patented a tool to help determine the presence of methanol in the blood.

MU is trying not only to create the most comfortable and modern learning environment for students, but also takes care of preparing its students for a future career.  The university has its own career center, which helps university students, if necessary, to find and get an internship and employment.


We want to remind those, who are interested in studies at MU about the application deadline for medical, pedagogical and philosophical faculties, for more information about date and relevant documents you can find on our website: here


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