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Sunday, 14 Jul 2024
Europort Business School Prague

Europort Business School Prague (2)

Europort Business School Prague, University of Applied Sciences, is a branch of the Europort Business School international network.

The Dutch origin of the international network garantees the Dutch quality of education. Europort Business School stands for innovative, business related and competence based education. The location of the numerous Europort Business School universities are a gateway for valuable internships and career opportunities.

Prague is the location of many multinational companies‘ Central Europe headquarters such as Microsoft, Accenture and many more. Prague is a hub for Russia and Eastern Europe. The Czech Republic’s bilateral trade with India: EUR 500 million. Amsterdam is among the 5 best financial and business centers of Europe. Rotterdam is the world’s second largest harbour and the largest harbour in Europe.

During their studies students will have two mandatory internships in a multinational company. Europort Business School offers the same structure for all branches, concluded by similar exams. Beside this garantee of quality, the course’s sustainable credit points (ECTS) give the student the opportunity of one semester‘s exchange with another University in the EPBS international network in an other country, without paying additional tuition fees.

Due to the large number of 30 hours tuition, individual coaching small scale of the University, the succes rate is above average. Europort Business School offers a condensed curriculum of 3 years concluded with 240 ECTS. To obtain a masters a total of 300 ECTS are requested required. It means after an Europort Business School BA , 60 supplementary credits are requested needed. To obtain an MBA, an additional 90 credit points must be obtained.

The Europort Business School network offers the possibility to follow a Masters or MBA study at the following campus.

  • Europort Business School Amsterdam
  • Europort Business School Rotterdam
  • IUNamsterdam
  • University of Applied Management, Erding, Germany
  • University Seeburg Castle, Seekirchen Austria
  • Hochschule für Gesundheit und Sport, Berlin, Germany
  • IUNaccra, Ghana


The School of Business Prague and Europort Business School Prague have a dedicated service to process your visa applications.


Accommodation can be organized by the School of Business Prague and Europort Business School Prague.


There is a contract with Randstad, which has a dedicated person for our students.


School of Business Prague and Europort Business School have a staff for studentlife. They organize activities such as welcome trip, studentcards and monthly international networking evenings.

The Foundation course at School of Business Prague, allows the student, after passing a selective exam, to enter the University of applied sciences Europort Businesss School Prague.

Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more detailed information and to apply for programme.