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Thursday, 18 Jul 2024

The new bachelor's degree in General Linguistics and Theory of Communication

The Faculty of Philosophy of the University Palacky new accredited bachelor's degree programs - "General Linguistics and Theory of Communication." Program can be combined with other disciplines to 15/03/2013.

The "General Linguistics and Theory of Communication" introduces the theory of language and communication. It is not focused on the description of one particular language, or one type of communication, considering the basic principles of language and communication in general. It also shows the optimal approaches to the study of language and communication, and the ability to describe them. Particular attention is devoted to the analysis of language data, text and communication, using modern methods (corporations, Internet statistics, mathematical experiments). Program "General Linguistics and Theory of Communication" can be combined with a specialty "Philology", it will allow students to better understand the basic theoretical concepts, which are based on descriptions of them studied languages. Being trained in such specialties as "Sociology", "psychology", "Journalism", "History", "Philosophy", the natural and formal sciences, students will be able to better understand and interpret the text. During his studies on the program "General Linguistics and Theory of Communication", students can take part in the research department and join the team to analyze the problems and co-author. Take part in the short-term and long-term training in local or foreign companies. All course materials are available online library.

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