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Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Score One for the Management and Leadership Program

Last summer, 2010, when future leaders traveled to Pittsburgh from Brazil and the Czech Republic to attend the Management and Leadership Program (MLP)—offered by the Center for Executive Education, in partnership with the David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership, and the International Business Center—they anticipated two weeks of study abroad under renowned Pitt Business faculty, an inside look at PPG Industries (PPG), and an interactive and competitive capstone experience in social responsibility in global business. They also expected to network with others throughout their stay. What they didn't expect was a bonding experience with peers while rooting for their home teams in the World Cup. Though partly planned for, the various World Cup matches made several schedule changes necessary for the 17 conscientious students who also happened to be huge soccer fans.

For Czech Republic native, Michal Svach, the decision to attend the MLP was rooted in his desire to take his BS in software technology and management to the next level with an MLP certificate from the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business. "Programming is technical, but I'd like to manage an IT company, so I want to understand the technical as well as managerial aspects of the industry," says Svach. He continues, "I love the Katz professors. They're devoted to their work and create a real synergy in the class."

Nathalia Jordão, from Brazil, learned about the MLP from a classmate at Mackenzie University in São Paulo, Brazil. Jordão is studying law, and wants to focus her MLP experience on learning English-the international language of business-and improving her knowledge of business concepts. She says, "I am impressed by the University, not just by the learning I'm receiving, but the opportunity to get in touch with another culture."

Fernanda Cruz, also from Brazil, is studying sustainable architecture. She attended the MLP because as she says, "It's important to learn these skills to help develop one's marketing and financial background. The program is structured to work into any professional area." She was looking forward to the visit to PPG as well as the capstone project where she would be working within a group of her peers, which Cruz says, "Will be a very important experience for me and a challenge in a good way." She also planned to visit several sustainable buildings on campus.

The MLP is an excellent program for bringing together future leaders from many areas and cultures to experience a global curriculum facilitated by the internationally renowned Pitt Business faculty. And it seems it's not such a bad place to cement friendships over shouts of "score!"

More about the programme can be found here

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