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Thursday, 18 Jul 2024

Choosing the Czech Republic for Your University Studies

Have you always dreamed of traveling to beautiful places, meeting lots of different people of various nationalities, and maybe picking up a language or two? Have you considered studying abroad, but are not sure whether it's worth your time and dedicated effort? If you ask anybody who has studied abroad, he or she will most certainly tell you that it is a life-changing experience and one of the most rewarding things he or she has ever done in life.

And now, you are looking at the map, considering to study abroad and choosing a location for your university studies in Europe. Looking at the map does not make it easier. Your eyes wander from Finland down to Sapin, then to Italy, Greece…and then, you stop at this tiny country, in the heart of Europe, you discover the Czech Republic. You start thinking about facts that you have learned about the country and try to imagine what it might be like studying in the Czech Republic.

Choosing a country for your university studies is a big step and should be done carefully and taking into consideration many important factors such as quality of education and recognition on the global level, cost of living, cost of studies, university life, quality of living, food, entertainment, safety, possibility to travel, and many more…

Situated in central Europe and with a long, rich tapestry of history, the Czech Republic offers the student who wishes to study here a unique experience. Choosing to study in the Czech Republic means a student can encounter a new culture and a new language, all while meeting people from all over the globe. Studying abroad gives you, the student a chance to gain independence and an opportunity to learn from the university of life.

With more then twenty five public and forty private universities and colleges to choose from throughout the Czech Republic, the international student has the luxury of choosing the right institution for his or her higher educational needs. Over 34,000 international students, representing about nine percent of all higher education students, study in the Czech Republic each year. An incentive offered to foreign students is that tuition at public universities is free if courses are taken in the Czech language and if the student meets other certain requirements.

A given fact is that you will have a great fun during your stay in the Czech Republic! Discovering its many layers, you will find yourself in many different before unknown situations that will make for fun and exciting adventures. The country lives by its clash of traditional and forward looking elements and mindsets and you will find a colorful lifestyle that will leave an impressionable mark.

If we take a look at the capital also known as the Golden City, you will find out that life in Prague is most thrilling! Like many European megacities, discovering its little details in architecture, parks, streets, alleys and food is simply an amazing experience. Exploring and scrawling through the city feels like a labyrinth but you will get used to your feet hurting and you won’t even mind! Either if it is hanging out at charming cafes or enjoying the nightlife filled with clubs and pubs the city shares a wide range of exciting events. If you are into open air concerts, Prague might be the exact place for you as you will literally run into gigs taking place right in the downtown area. You can join clubs and associations made for Expats or locals that help you integrate very quickly. The atmosphere in Prague is not only influenced by a common liberal attitude of the Czech people but also by a very open, multi-cultural and positive vibe.

As you feel the trends pushing forward around you, Prague is yet a cozy and always comfortable place. This bridge connects to the smaller cities and villages all over the country radiating this feel. The country itself is very green, provided with Forrests, lakes and amazingly beautiful countryside. You will find little, very traditional summer houses and lots of opportunities for outdoor activities for any season, bon fires included. Due to its location, traveling comes in very handy regardless if you choose to take a train, plane or a bus. Overall Czech Republic has a lot to offer and you will find yourself in the middle of everything in no time. Also remember that while large cities offer numerous social and intellectual opportunities, they are also more cosmopolitan. Your extracurricular options may seem more limited in a smaller town, but it's there that you will gain more of an appreciation of traditional ways of life and make connections with the natives.

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